Chiwava 10PCS 8.6″ Candy Balls with Feather For Cats

Chiwava 10PCS 8.6″ Candy Balls with Feather Interactive Toy For Cats

  • Catnip Candy Cat Toy Ball with Feather, Touch Soft.
  •  Your kitten will go crazy with the cat ball toy that makes crinkle sound and bell when playing.
  • Great for Interactive Toy, They provide a healthy outlet for a cat’s natural hunting instincts.
  • Size: Candy with feather length 22cm. Weight: 4.1g/PC.
  • Package: 10PCS mix 2 different colors per PDQ Box(Random Color Delivery), Weight:97g.
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Chiwava Catnip kicker toy with double feather, touch soft.Box with 10 colorful assorted candy balls, made with cotton inside and colorful fabric outside. Bell design and create a crinkle sound which can be more interesting and attractive for your cat.These toys are lightweight, Cats will actually gently carry them in their mouth, hunting and chasing, can bounce and toss in the air when being batted or kicked. stimulate your cat’s natural playful instincts, provide hours of entertainment & eliminate the boredom.


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Weight 0.097 kg
Dimensions 22 × 3 × 3 cm