Chiwava 60PCS 4.1 Inch Furry Cat Toy Mice Rattle Small Mouse

Chiwava 60PCS 4.1” Furry Cat Toy Mice Rattle Small Mouse Kitten Interactive Play Assorted Color

❤ Qualified Furry Synthetic fur, Criterion of Detection US FDA 21CFR (Olefin Polymers) / EU CE EN-71(Plush Toys)

❤ Furry Synthetic fur Mice Skin and Plastic Body Rattle Sound

❤ Interactive Play, Independent Play, Indoor Play

❤ 60 Pack / Box, Assorted Color Small Size

❤ Suitable for Cat Kids and Adult Cat


Chiwava Furry Little Rattle Cat Toys Mice, Plush Body Outside, Have a beads inside and create a rattle sound which can be more interesting and attractive for your cat, 36 Pack Assorted Color Mice. We Know That Some Cats Always Like to Collect Toys in Anywhere. Suitable for Cats and Kitten Indoor Play, Interactive Play, Catch Play and Independent Play.

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Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 10.00 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

60 Pack