Chiwava 6 Pack 20″ Woolen Yarn Cat Toy Balls with Bell Kitten Interactive Toys

Chiwava 6PCS 20″ Woolen Yarn Cat Toy Balls with Bell

  • Made with Plastic Inside, Soft Woolen Yarn Outside.
  • Lightweight, Easy to Chase Carry & String Hanging Out Great to Hurl the Balls.
  • Bell Design, Appealing to Your Cat’s Natural Instincts & Endless Entertainment.
  • Yarn Ball are Perfectly Sized to Roll and Throw,Ideal for Exercise & Training Play.
  • Package: 6PCS Per Box,Great for Interactive Households Indoor and Activity Toys.


Chiwava assorted balls are made from soft woolen yarn. NON-TOXIC. These yarn balls combines the softness of woolen yarn with the bell sound and the added fun of a long string. The toy ball features an attached bell that jingles with every movement. bell sound stimulates your cat’s curiosity and captures their attention. String design gives you good leverage to hurl the balls. can use the string to drag the ball across the floor, great for roll, pounce, bat and chase. providing endless entertainment and stimulation.

Additional information

Weight 0.094 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 5 cm