Chiwava 45 Pack 1,7 Zoll Foam Cat Toys Ball Regenbogen Farbe

Chiwava 45 Pack 1,7-Zoll-Schaum Katzenspielzeug Ball Regenbogen Farbe Kugeln Kätzchen Aktivität Chase Quiet Play Mix Farbe

  • Leichter Ball aus EVA-Schaum
  • Bunte Regenbogenkugeln
  • Katze ruhig spielen Spielzeug
  • 45er Pack Bulk Katzenspielzeug
  • Großartig für interaktives oder unabhängiges Spielen, einfach zu rollen und zu jagen


Set of 45 balls, so you don’t need to be worry about loosing the toys in your house. Cats are nocturnal animals, and many of them just love to rush around the apartment at night. Specially made for silent play but still can make your lovely cat interested because of very colorful design and lightweight. Foam balls smooth to touch and not that soft, what makes them long-life toys. Your cat can easily roll and chase the ball at night without making any noise and without interrupting your sleep.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 0,36 kg
Größe 4,2 × 4,2 × 4,2 cm